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At HUMERAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD, we believe that our biofeedback devices will soon become one of the most important tools in the healthcare industry for assessment as well as rehabilitation practices, especially in physiotherapy!

We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude.

Continue reading and learn all there is to know about the smart tech behind our successful Start-up Company, or get in touch to set up a meeting with one of our representatives.



Our vision is to enhance rehabilitation of patients with mobility problems. Physiotherapists nowadays lack a tool that will help them do the assessment of their patients and track their progress fast and accurately.


The company focuses on the development of biomedical devices for the improvement of the diagnostic, assessment, and rehabilitation therapy procedures of patients with movement disorders, patients with musculoskeletal injuries, or even athletes who want to improve their performance.

Currently the company is working on the development of a medical device that provides accurate measurements of the range of motion (RoM) of the joints, facilitating the assessment of the patient  in order to improve the quality of the diagnostic and assessment procedures of the physiotherapists. Second main feature of the device is to offer audio and visual biofeedback to the patient during execution of the rehabilitation exercises as defined and set in the software by their physiotherapists.

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